Running on the Foundation FVP

The following Foundation_Platform parameters should be used to boot Linux with 4 CPUs using the AArch64 build of TF-A.

<path-to>/Foundation_Platform                   \
--cores=4                                       \
--arm-v8.0                                      \
--secure-memory                                 \
--visualization                                 \
--gicv3                                         \
--data="<path-to>/<bl1-binary>"@0x0             \
--data="<path-to>/<FIP-binary>"@0x08000000      \
--data="<path-to>/<kernel-binary>"@0x80080000   \


  • BL1 is loaded at the start of the Trusted ROM.

  • The Firmware Image Package is loaded at the start of NOR FLASH0.

  • The firmware loads the FDT packaged in FIP to the DRAM. The FDT load address is specified via the load-address property in the hw-config node of FW_CONFIG for FVP.

  • The default use-case for the Foundation FVP is to use the --gicv3 option and enable the GICv3 device in the model. Note that without this option, the Foundation FVP defaults to legacy (Versatile Express) memory map which is not supported by TF-A.

  • In order for TF-A to run correctly on the Foundation FVP, the architecture versions must match. The Foundation FVP defaults to the highest v8.x version it supports but the default build for TF-A is for v8.0. To avoid issues either start the Foundation FVP to use v8.0 architecture using the --arm-v8.0 option, or build TF-A with an appropriate value for ARM_ARCH_MINOR.

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