7.2.3. ARM V8-R64 Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)

Some of the features of Armv8-R AArch64 FVP platform referenced in Trusted Boot R-class include:

  • Secure World Support Only

  • EL2 as Maximum EL support (No EL3)

  • MPU Support only at EL2

  • MPU or MMU Support at EL0/EL1

  • AArch64 Support Only

  • Trusted Board Boot

Further information on v8-R64 FVP is available at info Boot Sequence

BL1 –> BL33

The execution begins from BL1 which loads the BL33 image, a boot-wrapped (bootloader + Operating System) Operating System, from FIP to DRAM. Build Procedure

  • Obtain arm toolchain. Set the CROSS_COMPILE environment variable to point to the toolchain folder.

  • Build TF-A:

    make PLAT=fvp_r BL33=<path_to_os.bin> all fip

    Enable TBBR by adding the following options to the make command:

    MBEDTLS_DIR=<path_to_mbedtls_directory>  \
    ARM_ROTPK_LOCATION=devel_rsa  \

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