1.2. Release Processes

1.2.1. Project Release Cadence

The project currently aims to do a release once every 6 months which will be tagged on the master branch. There will be a code freeze (stop merging non-essential changes) up to 4 weeks prior to the target release date. The release candidates will start appearing after this and only bug fixes or updates required for the release will be merged. The maintainers are free to use their judgement on what changes are essential for the release. A release branch may be created after code freeze if there are significant changes that need merging onto the integration branch during the merge window.

The release testing will be performed on release candidates and depending on issues found, additional release candidates may be created to fix the issues.

                     |<----------6 months---------->|
     |<---4 weeks--->|              |<---4 weeks--->|
+-----------------------------------------------------------> time
     |               |              |               |
  code freeze       ver w.x       code freeze     ver y.z Upcoming Releases

These are the estimated dates for the upcoming release. These may change depending on project requirement and partner feedback.

Release Version

Target Date

Expected Code Freeze


1st week of Oct ‘18

1st week of Sep ‘18


5th week of Mar ‘19

1st week of Mar ‘19


4th week of Oct ‘19

1st week of Oct ‘19


4th week of Apr ‘20

1st week of Apr ‘20


2nd week of Nov ‘20

4th week of Oct ‘20


3rd week of May ‘21

5th week of Apr ‘21


4th week of Nov ‘21

2nd week of Nov ‘21


5th week of May ‘22

3rd week of May ‘22


5th week of Nov ‘22

3rd week of Nov ‘22


1st week of May ‘23

3rd week of Apr ‘23

1.2.2. Removal of Deprecated Interfaces

As mentioned in the Platform Ports Policy, this is a live document cataloging all the deprecated interfaces in TF-A project and the Release version after which it will be removed.


Deprecation Date

Removed after Release


plat_convert_pk() function


Next release after 2.8

Platform conversion to manage specific PK hash

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