6.2.8. Morello Platform

Morello is an ARMv8-A platform that implements the capability architecture extension. The platform port present at site provides ARMv8-A architecture enablement.

Capability architecture specific changes will be added here

Further information on Morello Platform is available at info Boot Sequence

The execution begins from SCP_BL1 which loads the SCP_BL2 and starts its execution. SCP_BL2 powers up the AP which starts execution at AP_BL31. The AP then continues executing and hands off execution to Non-secure world (UEFI). Build Procedure (TF-A only)

  • Obtain arm toolchain. Set the CROSS_COMPILE environment variable to point to the toolchain folder.

  • Build TF-A:

    export CROSS_COMPILE=<path-to-aarch64-gcc>/bin/aarch64-none-elf-
    make PLAT=morello all

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