7.36. Xilinx Versal NET

Trusted Firmware-A implements the EL3 firmware layer for Xilinx Versal NET. The platform only uses the runtime part of TF-A as Xilinx Versal NET already has a BootROM (BL1) and PMC FW (BL2).

BL31 is TF-A. BL32 is an optional Secure Payload. BL33 is the non-secure world software (U-Boot, Linux etc).

To build: `bash make RESET_TO_BL31=1 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf- PLAT=versal_net bl31 `

To build TF-A for JTAG DCC console: `bash make RESET_TO_BL31=1 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf- PLAT=versal_net VERSAL_NET_CONSOLE=dcc bl31 `

7.36.1. Xilinx Versal NET platform specific build options

  • VERSAL_NET_ATF_MEM_BASE: Specifies the base address of the bl31 binary.

  • VERSAL_NET_ATF_MEM_SIZE: Specifies the size of the memory region of the bl31 binary.

  • VERSAL_NET_BL32_MEM_BASE: Specifies the base address of the bl32 binary.

  • VERSAL_NET_BL32_MEM_SIZE: Specifies the size of the memory region of the bl32 binary.

  • VERSAL_NET_CONSOLE: Select the console driver. Options: - pl011, pl011_0: ARM pl011 UART 0 (default) - pl011_1 : ARM pl011 UART 1 - dcc : JTAG Debug Communication Channel(DCC)

  • TFA_NO_PM : Platform Management support. - 0 : Enable Platform Management (Default) - 1 : Disable Platform Management