7.2.9. Corstone1000 Platform

Some of the features of the Corstone1000 platform referenced in TF-A include:

  • Cortex-A35 application processor (64-bit mode)

  • Secure Enclave

  • GIC-400

  • Trusted Board Boot Boot Sequence

The board boot relies on CoT (chain of trust). The trusted-firmware-a BL2 is extracted from the FIP and verified by the Secure Enclave processor. BL2 verification relies on the signature area at the beginning of the BL2 image. This area is needed by the SecureEnclave bootloader.

Then, the application processor is released from reset and starts by executing BL2.

BL2 performs the actions described in the trusted-firmware-a TBB design document. Build Procedure (TF-A only)

  • Obtain AArch64 ELF bare-metal target toolchain. Set the CROSS_COMPILE environment variable to point to the toolchain folder.

  • Build TF-A:

    make LD=aarch64-none-elf-ld \
    CC=aarch64-none-elf-gcc \
    V=1 \
    BUILD_BASE=<path to the build folder> \
    PLAT=corstone1000 \
    SPD=spmd \
    SPMD_SPM_AT_SEL2=0 \
    DEBUG=1 \
    MBEDTLS_DIR=mbedtls \
    OPENSSL_DIR=<path to openssl usr folder> \
    RUNTIME_SYSROOT=<path to the sysroot> \
    ARCH=aarch64 \
    TARGET_PLATFORM=<fpga or fvp> \
    ENABLE_PIE=1 \
    RESET_TO_BL2=1 \
    COT=tbbr \
    ARM_ROTPK_LOCATION=devel_rsa \
    ROT_KEY=plat/arm/board/common/rotpk/arm_rotprivk_rsa.pem \
    BL32=<path to optee binary> \
    BL33=<path to u-boot binary> \

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