7.35. Renesas R-Car

“R-Car” is the nickname for Renesas’ system-on-chip (SoC) family for car information systems designed for the next-generation of automotive computing for the age of autonomous vehicles.

The scalable R-Car hardware platform and flexible software platform cover the full product range, from the premium class to the entry level. Plug-ins are available for multiple open-source software tools.

7.35.1. Renesas R-Car Gen3 evaluation boards:


Low Cost Boards (LCB)

R-Car H3

  • Salvator-X

  • Salvator-XS

  • R-Car Starter Kit Premier

R-Car M3-W

  • Salvator-X

  • Salvator-XS

  • R-Car Starter Kit Pro

R-Car M3-N

  • Salvator-X

  • Salvator-XS

R-Car V3M

  • Eagle

  • Starter Kit

R-Car V3H

  • Condor

  • Starter Kit

R-Car D3

  • Draak

boards info

The current TF-A port has been tested on the R-Car H3 Salvator-X Soc_id r8a7795 revision ES1.1 (uses a Secure Payload Dispatcher)

ARM CA57 (ARMv8) 1.5 GHz quad core, with NEON/VFPv4, L1$ I/D
48K/32K, L2$ 2MB
ARM CA53 (ARMv8) 1.2 GHz quad core, with NEON/VFPv4, L1$ I/D 32K/32K,
L2$ 512K
Memory controller for LPDDR4-3200 4GB in 2 channels, each 64-bit wide
Two- and three-dimensional graphics engines,
Video processing units,
3 channels Display Output,
6 channels Video Input,
SD card host interface,
USB3.0 and USB2.0 interfaces,
CAN interfaces
Ethernet AVB
PCI Express Interfaces
    EMMC 32 GB EMMC (HS400 240 MBYTES/S)

7.35.2. Overview

On the rcar-gen3 the BOOTROM starts the cpu at EL3; for this port BL2 will therefore be entered at this exception level (the Renesas’ ATF reference tree [1] resets into EL1 before entering BL2 - see its bl2.ld.S)

BL2 initializes DDR (and on some platforms i2c to interface to the PMIC) before determining the boot reason (cold or warm).

During suspend all CPUs are switched off and the DDR is put in backup mode (some kind of self-refresh mode). This means that BL2 is always entered in a cold boot scenario.

Once BL2 boots, it determines the boot reason, writes it to shared memory (BOOT_KIND_BASE) together with the BL31 parameters (PARAMS_BASE) and jumps to BL31.

To all effects, BL31 is as if it is being entered in reset mode since it still needs to initialize the rest of the cores; this is the reason behind using direct shared memory access to BOOT_KIND_BASE _and_ PARAMS_BASE instead of using registers to get to those locations (see el3_common_macros.S and bl31_entrypoint.S for the RESET_TO_BL31 use case).

Depending on the boot reason BL31 initializes the rest of the cores: in case of suspend, it uses a MBOX memory region to recover the program counters.

[1] https://github.com/renesas-rcar/arm-trusted-firmware

7.35.3. How to build

The TF-A build options depend on the target board so you will have to refer to those specific instructions. What follows is customized to the H3 SiP Salvator-X development system used in this port. Build Tested:


$ MBEDTLS_DIR=$mbedtls_src_tree make clean bl2 bl31 rcar_layout_tool PLAT=rcar ${RCAR_OPT} SPD=opteed System Tested:

  • mbed_tls: git@github.com:ARMmbed/mbedtls.git [devel]

    commit 552754a6ee82bab25d1bdf28c8261a4518e65e4d Merge: 68dbc94 f34a4c1 Author: Simon Butcher <simon.butcher@arm.com> Date: Thu Aug 30 00:57:28 2018 +0100

  • optee_os: https://github.com/BayLibre/optee_os

    Until it gets merged into OP-TEE, the port requires Renesas’ Trusted Environment with a modification to support power management. commit 80105192cba9e704ebe8df7ab84095edc2922f84

    Author: Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz <jramirez@baylibre.com> Date: Thu Aug 30 16:49:49 2018 +0200 plat-rcar: cpu-suspend: handle the power level Signed-off-by: Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz <jramirez@baylibre.com>

  • u-boot: The port has beent tested using mainline uboot.

    commit 4cdeda511f8037015b568396e6dcc3d8fb41e8c0 Author: Fabio Estevam <festevam@gmail.com> Date: Tue Sep 4 10:23:12 2018 -0300

  • linux: The port has beent tested using mainline kernel.

    commit 7876320f88802b22d4e2daf7eb027dd14175a0f8 Author: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org> Date: Sun Sep 16 11:52:37 2018 -0700 Linux 4.19-rc4 TF-A Build Procedure

  • Fetch all the above 4 repositories.

  • Prepare the AARCH64 toolchain.

  • Build u-boot using r8a7795_salvator-x_defconfig. Result: u-boot-elf.srec

make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-

make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-
  • Build atf Result: bootparam_sa0.srec, cert_header_sa6.srec, bl2.srec, bl31.srec


MBEDTLS_DIR=$mbedtls_src_tree make clean bl2 bl31 rcar \
PLAT=rcar ${RCAR_OPT} SPD=opteed
  • Build optee-os Result: tee.srec

make -j8 PLATFORM="rcar" CFG_ARM64_core=y Install Procedure

  • Boot the board in Mini-monitor mode and enable access to the Hyperflash.

  • Use the XSL2 Mini-monitor utility to accept all the SREC ascii transfers over serial.

7.35.4. Boot trace

Notice that BL31 traces are not accessible via the console and that in order to verbose the BL2 output you will have to compile TF-A with LOG_LEVEL=50 and DEBUG=1

Initial Program Loader(CA57) Rev.1.0.22
NOTICE:  BL2: PRR is R-Car H3 Ver.1.1
NOTICE:  BL2: Board is Salvator-X Rev.1.0
NOTICE:  BL2: Boot device is HyperFlash(80MHz)
NOTICE:  BL2: LCM state is CM
NOTICE:  AVS setting succeeded. DVFS_SetVID=0x53
NOTICE:  BL2: DDR1600(rev.0.33)NOTICE:  [COLD_BOOT]NOTICE:  ..0
NOTICE:  BL2: DRAM Split is 4ch
NOTICE:  BL2: QoS is default setting(rev.0.37)
NOTICE:  BL2: Lossy Decomp areas
NOTICE:       Entry 0: DCMPAREACRAx:0x80000540 DCMPAREACRBx:0x570
NOTICE:       Entry 1: DCMPAREACRAx:0x40000000 DCMPAREACRBx:0x0
NOTICE:       Entry 2: DCMPAREACRAx:0x20000000 DCMPAREACRBx:0x0
NOTICE:  BL2: v2.0(release):v2.0-rc0-32-gbcda69a
NOTICE:  BL2: Built : 16:41:23, Oct  2 2018
NOTICE:  BL2: Normal boot
INFO:    BL2: Doing platform setup
INFO:    BL2: Loading image id 3
NOTICE:  BL2: dst=0xe6322000 src=0x8180000 len=512(0x200)
NOTICE:  BL2: dst=0x43f00000 src=0x8180400 len=6144(0x1800)
WARNING: r-car ignoring the BL31 size from certificate,using
INFO:    Loading image id=3 at address 0x44000000
NOTICE:  rcar_file_len: len: 0x0003e000
NOTICE:  BL2: dst=0x44000000 src=0x81c0000 len=253952(0x3e000)
INFO:    Image id=3 loaded: 0x44000000 - 0x4403e000
INFO:    BL2: Loading image id 4
INFO:    Loading image id=4 at address 0x44100000
NOTICE:  rcar_file_len: len: 0x00100000
NOTICE:  BL2: dst=0x44100000 src=0x8200000 len=1048576(0x100000)
INFO:    Image id=4 loaded: 0x44100000 - 0x44200000
INFO:    BL2: Loading image id 5
INFO:    Loading image id=5 at address 0x50000000
NOTICE:  rcar_file_len: len: 0x00100000
NOTICE:  BL2: dst=0x50000000 src=0x8640000 len=1048576(0x100000)
INFO:    Image id=5 loaded: 0x50000000 - 0x50100000
NOTICE:  BL2: Booting BL31
INFO:    Entry point address = 0x44000000
INFO:    SPSR = 0x3cd
VERBOSE: Argument #0 = 0xe6325578
VERBOSE: Argument #1 = 0x0
VERBOSE: Argument #2 = 0x0
VERBOSE: Argument #3 = 0x0
VERBOSE: Argument #4 = 0x0
VERBOSE: Argument #5 = 0x0
VERBOSE: Argument #6 = 0x0
VERBOSE: Argument #7 = 0x0

U-Boot 2018.09-rc3-00028-g3711616 (Sep 27 2018 - 18:50:24 +0200)

CPU: Renesas Electronics R8A7795 rev 1.1
Model: Renesas Salvator-X board based on r8a7795 ES2.0+
DRAM:  3.5 GiB
Flash: 64 MiB
MMC:   sd@ee100000: 0, sd@ee140000: 1, sd@ee160000: 2
Loading Environment from MMC... OK
In:    serial@e6e88000
Out:   serial@e6e88000
Err:   serial@e6e88000
Net:   eth0: ethernet@e6800000
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0