DTB binding for FCONF properties

This document describes the device tree format of FCONF properties. These properties are not related to a specific platform and can be queried from common code. Dynamic configuration

The FCONF framework expects a dtb-registry node with the following field:

  • compatible [mandatory]
    • value type: <string>

    • Must be the string “fconf,dyn_cfg-dtb_registry”.

Then a list of subnodes representing a configuration DTB, which can be used by FCONF. Each subnode should be named according to the information it contains, and must be formed with the following fields:

  • load-address [mandatory]
    • value type: <u64>

    • Physical loading base address of the configuration. If secondary-load-address is also provided (see below), then this is the primary load address.

  • max-size [mandatory]
    • value type: <u32>

    • Maximum size of the configuration.

  • id [mandatory]
    • value type: <u32>

    • Image ID of the configuration.

  • secondary-load-address [optional]
    • value type: <u64>

    • A platform uses this physical address to copy the configuration to another location during the boot-flow.

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