7.12.2. TF-A UART Booting Instructions for Marvell Platforms

This section describes how to temporary boot the Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) project over UART without flashing it to non-volatile storage for Marvell’s platforms.

See TF-A Build Instructions for Marvell Platforms how to build mrvl_uart and mrvl_flash targets used in this section. Armada37x0 UART image downloading

There are two options how to download UART image into any Armada37x0 board. Marvell Wtpdownloader

Marvell Wtpdownloader works only with UART images stored in separate files and supports only upload speed with 115200 bauds. Target mrvl_uart produces GZIPed TAR archive uart-images.tgz.bin with either three files TIM_ATF.bin, wtmi_h.bin and boot-image_h.bin for non-secure boot or with four files TIM_ATF_TRUSTED.bin, TIMN_ATF_TRUSTED.bin, wtmi_h.bin and boot-image_h.bin when secure boot is enabled.


> git clone https://github.com/MarvellEmbeddedProcessors/A3700-utils-marvell.git
> make -C A3700-utils-marvell/wtptp/src/Wtpdownloader_Linux -f makefile.mk

It produces executable binary A3700-utils-marvell/wtptp/src/Wtpdownloader_Linux/WtpDownload_linux

To download images from uart-images.tgz.bin archive unpack it and for non-secure boot variant run:

> stty -F /dev/ttyUSB<port#> clocal
> WtpDownload_linux -P UART -C <port#> -E -B TIM_ATF.bin -I wtmi_h.bin -I boot-image_h.bin

After that immediately start terminal on /dev/ttyUSB<port#> to see boot output. CZ.NIC mox-imager

CZ.NIC mox-imager supports all Armada37x0 boards (not only Turris MOX as name suggests). It works with either with separate files from uart-images.tgz.bin archive (like Marvell Wtpdownloader) produced by mrvl_uart target or also with flash-image.bin file produced by mrvl_flash target, which is the exactly same file as used for flashing. So when using CZ.NIC mox-imager there is no need to build separate files for UART flashing like in case with Marvell Wtpdownloader.

CZ.NIC mox-imager moreover supports higher upload speeds up to the 6000000 bauds (which seems to be limit of Armada37x0 SoC) which is much higher and faster than Marvell Wtpdownloader.


> git clone https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/mox-imager.git
> make -C mox-imager

It produces executable binary mox-imager/mox-imager

To download single file image built by mrvl_flash target at the highest speed, run:

> mox-imager -D /dev/ttyUSB<port#> -E -b 6000000 -t flash-image.bin

To download images from uart-images.tgz.bin archive built by mrvl_uart target for non-secure boot variant (like Wtpdownloader) but at the highest speed, first unpack uart-images.tgz.bin archive and then run:

> mox-imager -D /dev/ttyUSB<port#> -E -b 6000000 -t TIM_ATF.bin wtmi_h.bin boot-image_h.bin

CZ.NIC mox-imager after successful download will start its own mini terminal (option -t) to not loose any boot output. It also prints boot output which is sent either by image files or by bootrom during transferring of image files. This mini terminal can be quit by CTRL-\ + C keypress. A7K/A8K/CN913x UART image downloading

A7K/A8K/CN913x uses same image flash-image.bin for both flashing and booting over UART. For downloading image over UART it is possible to use mvebu64boot tool.


> git clone https://github.com/pali/mvebu64boot.git
> make -C mvebu64boot

It produces executable binary mvebu64boot/mvebu64boot

To download flash-image.bin image run:

> mvebu64boot -t -b flash-image.bin /dev/ttyUSB0

After successful download it will start own mini terminal (option -t) like CZ.NIC mox-imager.