3.9. Project Maintenance Processes

Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) project follows the generic trustedfirmware.org Project Maintenance Process. The present document complements it by defining TF-A project-specific decisions.

3.9.1. How to become a maintainer? Qualifying Criteria

To be elligible to become a maintainer for TF-A project, all criteria outlined here must be fullfilled. These are:

  • Being an active member of the project for at least a couple of years.

  • Having contributed a substantial number of non-trivial and high-quality patches.

  • Having reviewed a substantial number of non-trivial patches, preferably in the generic layer, with high-quality constructive feedback.

  • Behaving in a professional and polite way, with the best interests of the project at heart.

  • Showing a strong will to improve the project and to do the right thing, rather than going for the quick and easy path.

  • Participating in design discussions on the development mailing list and during TF-A tech forums calls.

  • Having appropriate bandwidth (minimum 2 hours per week) to deal with the workload. Election Process

To put an individual’s name up for election,

  1. Send an email to all existing TF-A maintainers, asking whether they have any objections to this individual becoming a TF-A maintainer.

  2. Give existing maintainers one calendar week to participate in the discussion.

  3. If there are objections, the existing maintainers should try to resolve them amongst themselves. If they cannot, this should be escalated to the trustedfirmware.org Technical Steering Commitee (TSC).

  4. If there are no (more) objections, announce the news on the TF-A mailing list and update the list of maintainers on the Project Maintenance page.