2.6. Internal Build Options

TF-A internally uses certain options that are not exposed directly through build-options but enabled or disabled indirectly and depends on certain options to be enabled or disabled.

  • CTX_INCLUDE_EL2_REGS: This boolean option provides context save/restore operations when entering/exiting an EL2 execution context. This is of primary interest when Armv8.4-SecEL2 or RME extension is implemented. Default is 0 (disabled). This option will be set to 1 (enabled) when SPD=spmd and SPMD_SPM_AT_SEL2 is set or when ENABLE_RME is set to 1 (enabled).

  • FFH_SUPPORT: This boolean option provides support to enable Firmware First handling (FFH) of External aborts and SError interrupts originating from lower ELs which gets trapped in EL3. This option will be set to 1 (enabled) if HANDLE_EA_EL3_FIRST_NS is set. Currently only NS world routes EA to EL3 but in future when Secure/Realm wants to use FFH then they can introduce new macros which will enable this option implicitly.