7.26. Nuvoton NPCM845X

Nuvoton NPCM845X is the Nuvoton Arbel NPCM8XX Board Management controller (BMC) SoC.

The Nuvoton Arbel NPCM845X SoC is a fourth-generation BMC. The NPCM845X computing subsystem comprises a quadcore Arm Cortex-A35 CPU.

This SoC includes secured components, i.e., bootblock stored in ROM, u-boot, OPTEE-OS, trusted-firmware-a and Linux. Every stage is measured and validated by the bootblock. This SoC was tested on the Arbel NPCM845X evaluation board.

7.26.1. How to Build

make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf- PLAT=npcm845x all SPD=opteed