4.22. Vendor Specific EL3 Monitor Service Calls

This document enumerates and describes the Vendor Specific EL3 Monitor Service Calls.

These are Service Calls defined by the vendor of the EL3 Monitor. They are accessed via SMC (“SMC calls”) instruction executed from Exception Levels below EL3. SMC calls for Vendor Specific EL3 Monitor Services:

SMC Function Identifier

Service Type

0x87000000 - 0x8700FFFF

SMC32: Vendor Specific EL3 Monitor Service Calls

0xC7000000 - 0xC700FFFF

SMC64: Vendor Specific EL3 Monitor Service Calls

Vendor-specific EL3 monitor services are as follows:

SMC Function Identifier

Service Type

FID’s Usage

0x87000010 - 0x8700001F (SMC32)

DebugFS Interface

0 - 11 are in use.
12 - 15 are reserved for future expansion.

0xC7000010 - 0xC700001F (SMC64)

0x87000020 - 0x8700002F (SMC32)

Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)

0,1 is in use.
2 - 15 are reserved for future expansion.

0xC7000020 - 0xC700002F (SMC64)

0x87000030 - 0x8700FFFF (SMC32)


reserved for future expansion

0xC7000030 - 0xC700FFFF (SMC64)

Source definitions for vendor-specific EL3 Monitor Service Calls used by TF-A are located in the ven_el3_svc.h header file.






Added Debugfs and PMF services.

Table 1: Showing different versions of Vendor-specific service and changes done with each version

Each sub service will have its own version, one FID allocated for sub service version.

Some ground rules when one should update top level version.
  • VEN_EL3_SVC_VERSION_MAJOR is incremented when any of the sub service version discovery FID changes or the FID that was allocated for discovery changes. So any breaking subfeature discovery changes will lead to major version update.

  • VEN_EL3_SVC_VERSION_MINOR is incremented when we add a new FID or a new sub service. For example adding an new monitor service at 0x30, Debugfs starts at 0x10 and PMF starts at 0x20 next one will start at 0x30, this will need a update to minor version.

4.22.1. Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)

The Performance Measurement Framework allows callers to retrieve timestamps captured at various paths in TF-A execution.

4.22.2. DebugFS interface

The optional DebugFS interface is accessed through Vendor specific EL3 service. Refer to DebugFS interface documentation for further details and usage.

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