7.25. NXP S32G274A

S32G2 is an NXP vehicle network processor combining ASIL D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time and application processing and network acceleration. S32G2 supports the needs of new vehicle architectures: service-oriented gateways, domain controllers, zonal processors, safety processors and more. It is equipped with 4 Cortex-A53 cores operating at 1.0GHz.

The TF-A includes support for one single S32G2-based board called S32G274ARDB2. The S32G-VNP-RDB2 is a compact, highly optimized and integrated board engineering for vehicle service-oriented gateway (SoG), domain control applications, high-performance processing, safety and security applications. More details about this board can be found at s32g274ardb2.

7.25.1. Boot Flow

BootROM -> BL2 (SRAM) -> BL31 (SRAM) -> BL33 (DDR - TODO)


This boot flow is a preliminary version that will serve as a foundation for upcoming S32G2 contributions. The execution will hang after the BL31 stage due to U-Boot being deployed in SRAM instead of DDR. This issue will be resolved with the addition of the DDR driver.

7.25.2. Code Locations

  • Downstream TF-A: link:

  • Downstream U-Boot: link

  • Downstream Linux: link

7.25.3. How to build

The port currently available on the S32G274ARDB2 platform is in its initial stage. This means that important drivers like DDR and storage are not yet available. Consequently, the boot process depends on BootROM to load all TF-A stages in SRAM. To create a bootable image, the script below should be used. This script makes use of the mkimage tool, which is part of the U-Boot drop for S32G274A SoCs.

#!/bin/bash -xe


if [ "${DEBUG}" -eq "1" ]; then


# Generate bl2, bl31 and fip image
make -C "${TF_A}" -j9 'PLAT=s32g274ardb2' \
        BL33="${UBOOT}/u-boot-nodtb.bin" DEBUG="${DEBUG}" clean
make -C "${TF_A}" -j9 'PLAT=s32g274ardb2' \
        BL33="${UBOOT}/u-boot-nodtb.bin" DEBUG="${DEBUG}" bl2
make -C "${TF_A}" -j9 'PLAT=s32g274ardb2' \
        BL33="${UBOOT}/u-boot-nodtb.bin" DEBUG="${DEBUG}" fip

# Extract BL2 entry
BL2_START="0x$(poetry run memory -p s32g274ardb2 -b debug -f | \
                        grep BL2 | awk -F'|' '{print $3}' | xargs)"
# BL2 bin file size in bytes
BL2_SIZE="$(stat -c "%s" "${BL2_BIN}")"

# Pack bl2.bin and fip.bin by ensuring that the FIP image will start at FIP_BASE
cp -vf "${BL2_BIN}" "${BOOT_IMAGE}"
dd if="${FIP_BIN}" of="${BOOT_IMAGE}" seek="$((FIP_BASE - BL2_START))" bs=1

# Build a bootable image by appending the IVT
"${UBOOT}/tools/mkimage" \
        -a "${BL2_START}" \
        -e "${BL2_START}" \
        -T s32ccimage \
        -n "${UBOOT}/u-boot-s32.cfgout" \
        -d "${BOOT_IMAGE}" \