Arm FVP Platform Specific Build Options

  • FVP_CLUSTER_COUNT : Configures the cluster count to be used to build the topology tree within TF-A. By default TF-A is configured for dual cluster topology and this option can be used to override the default value.

  • FVP_INTERCONNECT_DRIVER: Selects the interconnect driver to be built. The default interconnect driver depends on the value of FVP_CLUSTER_COUNT as explained in the options below:

    • FVP_CCI : The CCI driver is selected. This is the default if 0 < FVP_CLUSTER_COUNT <= 2.

    • FVP_CCN : The CCN driver is selected. This is the default if FVP_CLUSTER_COUNT > 2.

  • FVP_MAX_CPUS_PER_CLUSTER: Sets the maximum number of CPUs implemented in a single cluster. This option defaults to 4.

  • FVP_MAX_PE_PER_CPU: Sets the maximum number of PEs implemented on any CPU in the system. This option defaults to 1. Note that the build option ARM_PLAT_MT doesn’t have any effect on FVP platforms.

  • FVP_USE_GIC_DRIVER : Selects the GIC driver to be built. Options:

    • FVP_GICV2 : The GICv2 only driver is selected

    • FVP_GICV3 : The GICv3 only driver is selected (default option)

  • FVP_HW_CONFIG_DTS : Specify the path to the DTS file to be compiled to DTB and packaged in FIP as the HW_CONFIG. See Firmware Design for details on HW_CONFIG. By default, this is initialized to a sensible DTS file in fdts/ folder depending on other build options. But some cases, like shifted affinity format for MPIDR, cannot be detected at build time and this option is needed to specify the appropriate DTS file.

  • FVP_HW_CONFIG : Specify the path to the HW_CONFIG blob to be packaged in FIP. See Firmware Design for details on HW_CONFIG. This option is similar to the FVP_HW_CONFIG_DTS option, but it directly specifies the HW_CONFIG blob instead of the DTS file. This option is useful to override the default HW_CONFIG selected by the build system.

  • FVP_GICR_REGION_PROTECTION: Mark the redistributor pages of inactive/fused CPU cores as read-only. The default value of this option is 0, which means the redistributor pages of all CPU cores are marked as read and write.

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